About Us

Thanks for dropping by.  In these days of modern mass production, it's rare to find a bakery that devotes itself solely to quality over quantity.  We're firm believers in continuing the time honored traditions that helped make southern American cuisine famous throughout the world.  You can't rush perfection and we make each cake, "just like Grandma," slow and steady with a big dose of love!  We remember how special Grandma made us feel when she pulled a delicious dessert out of the oven just for us.  We were the center of the universe and could conquer anything that came our way, all thanks to the delicious pound cake in our bellies!  We hope our pound cakes take you back to a kinder time when cookies and milk fueled the world and Grandma ruled the kitchen, and our hearts!

I come from a huge family and was blessed with 8 grandmothers at birth. They instilled in me a love of family and a devotion to the old fashioned foods that brought us all together at the dinner table.  My hope is to bring those same feelings to your family.  

(I'm one of the twins in the red jumpsuit)

From my kitchen to yours....... peace, love, and pound cake!